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Your wedding can be an event to luxuriate in for anybody but you. When everybody else is in a festive mood, it's only you who has to make sure that your wedding, for any reasons, doesn't end up being an embarrassing affair. And for that, you need to devise the whole affair with proper scheming and the forethought of all the requisites.

Our all-inclusive wedding planner will keep you from forgetting even the slightest necessity, so that in the time to come, you always narrate the anecdotes of your wedding with a smile!

Enumerated below are the various aspects that you need to plan with prudence in order to make your wedding a memorable affair:
• Since the money matters the most, so the very first aspect you need to pay heed to is the budgeting. Prepare a rough estimate of all likely expenses way before, and stick to the plan while spending. The estimate of your spending should rather be less than the actual sum you have in hand. This will be of great help in accommodating the unexpected expenses.
• Split the budget for different expenses in a prioritized manner. You should always be sure how much you need to spend for which requirement.

• Prepare a list of the guests to be invited as early as possible. If you shelve this task for later, some of the names may slip your mind and you'll always feel sheepish while facing them.

• Make arrangements for the stay of the guests who are coming from out of station. If some of them are going to stay at your residence, arrange the extra bedding well in advance.

• Finalize the wedding venue and get it booked in advance in case it is going to be a banquet hall or a hotel to avert last-minute hassles. Similarly, book other services beforehand like caterers, professional photographer, florist, audition musicians or the DJ, lightning services, music band, the purohit, mehndi artist etc.

• Do the most common homework like deciding on the meals menu, design of the invitation cards, type of wedding in terms of pomp or sobriety, the rituals to follow incase it's an inter-cast or inter-religion wedding and so on.

• Ask for counsel from your family members and relatives. In fact, you should seek their ministration as much as possible. Experience counts the most in organizing such matters.

• Get your wedding attire prepared at least one week prior to the day of wedding so that you can try and see if it fits you well and looks good enough to be worn on the great occasion, and replaced if it doesn't.

• Since two families are involved and both would be managing the affair, it's always proper to apportion the obligations for different tasks. This will ease off the burden considerably from both sides and will help avoid chaos.

• Meet the various service providers well in advance and ask for citations. You'll thus have enough time to weigh the charges of one against the other. Your decision for booking one should be a middle course between the quality of the service and the economy.

We have equipped you with all the aspects that are worth planning before the grand occasion. We hope our assistance will go a long way in making your wedding a memorable affair!

We wish you a very happy married life!


A list of call taxies is given for reference.

1. Sruthi Call Taxi 23453455
2. Victory Call Taxi 64502121
3. Fast Track 28889999

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No bridal outfit would be complete without ornate jewels, and when it comes to Indian bridal jewels the obvious choice is gold. In India, marriage and jewel are inseparably interlinked. Jewelry has many connotations, both aesthetic and ritual. The wearing of jewels is supposed to endow the women with qualities of power and authority, as well as great beauty.

Gold has traditionally symbolized wealth and prosperity within Indian culture, holding special significance in celebrations such as weddings and births. Often presented as a gift or tangible form of investment, this precious metal features heavily in most Indian weddings. Ornaments such as the mangalasutra, bindi, ear rings, bangles, nose rings and rings are presently worn by brides almost all over the country. Some of the important traditional ornaments like armlets, waste bands etc are not in vogue today and are not worn in all areas.

Rings are the most traditional form of wedding jewelery for both men and women, and universally symbolize a marriage between two individuals. In Indian marriages, the additional adornment of a 'mangal sutra' or 'thaali' (a small gold pendant worn on a thread or necklace) is the main symbol of matrimony. Tying a thaali around the neck of the bride by the groom is the most important ceremony in Indian marriages. Wearing of 'chura' (set of red bangles given to the bride from her maternal side of the family) and toe rings (which the bridegroom puts on the brides toes) are also traditional symbols of marriage. The kind of ornament, of course, depends on the community to which she belongs and their particular customs. These pieces of jewels which she cherishes throughout her married life, signifies a married women's status and is considered auspicious.

The traditional 'mangalasutra' usually in gold, comes in various forms and sizes -some with auspicious symbols depicting 'Om' or gods like Vishnu or Shiva (for Hindus) or a cross (for Christians) and others with traditional designs. Nowadays more fashionable versions with diamonds and precious stones are also seen. In the south especially in Tamil Nadu and in a few other states, Thaali's are tied on a thick yellow thread. When the thread is worn out, they are replaced by a new thread. Generally, in the northern states Mangalsutra is worn on a chain with two strings of black beads interspersed with gold. These beads are believed to protect the marriage against evil.

The mangalasutra with vatis (tiny bowls) is a must for every Maharashtrian bride, the Gujarati bride sports the typically Gujarati Mangalasutra interspersed with gold and black beads with a pendant in a traditional design.

The Punjabi bride usually chooses as her mangalasutra the kundan (traditional Indian stone setting with thin gold foil forming a wedge around the stones) pendant set in 22-carat gold and held together with black beaded chains. Also set in 22 carat gold is the Hyderabad mangalasutra with seven pendants attached.

Other than the Mangalasutra, in North India, many women deck their arms with bangles in vivid green and red. And the chooda that is presented to the bride by her mama as a symbol of her newly married status is one which she has to wear for at least 40 days after her marriage. The chooda is traditionally a set of ivory bangles with inlay work. The modern day variations can be found in cheaper forms in plastic or acrylic as well. In Uttar Pradesh and Bihar, bichwa or toe rings must be worn by all married women. After marriage, the Sindhi women prefer to wear the traditional gold earring each studded with nine diamonds. Further north, after marriage, the Kashmiri Brahmin women wear the 'dejhoru' and 'aathhoru', an ornament worn in the pierced cartilage of the ear with a cord suspended from it at one end. Among the Muslims, the nose ring is obligatory at the time of marriage.

Traditional or modern, the varieties of Indian jewels available are numerous and the choices limitless. Each part of India offers their own traditional ornaments with special significance and these typically traditional ornaments with slight variations remain trendy at all times.

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For accommodation purpose, a list of hotels is given below.

1. Hotel Chola Sheraton 28110101
2. Hotel Savera 28110442
3. Hotel Mayuria International 23650049
4. Hotel President 28472211
5. Hotel Raj Residency 28192219
6. Hotel Arunachala Inn 28213311
7. Aakash Hotel 28418632
8. Hotel Abu Palace 26427610
9. Admiralty Hotel 24921121
10. Adyar Gate Hotel 24998009
11. Hotel Ambassador Pallava 28554476
12. Hotel Benz Park Tulip 28159999
13. Hotel Bhima’s Inn 25356571
14. Breeze Hotel 26413334
15. Hotel Dasaprakash 28255111
16. Hotel Days Inn Deccan Plaza 66713333
17. Hotel Dee Cee Minor 28138833
18. Hotel Inn Chennai 42072266
19. Hotel Vijaya Park 23791314
20. Hotel Guru 28554063
21. HotelWoodlands
22. Hotel Temple Tree
23. Hotel Le Meridian
24. Hotel GRT Grand Days


1. To invite a girl or boy as a bride and bridegroom on a Friday as an
auspicious day before marriage.
2. Pandakkal function.
3. To worship the family God a day before marriage.
4. To receive the bridegroom.
5. Paaligai Telithal.
6. Naandi Function.
7. Jaanavasam
8. Nichiyadartham (Official) to confirm the marriage next day.
9. Reading Lagna Pathrigai.
10. Mangala Snanam
11. Viradham (Bridegroom)
12. Jadagakaranam and Namakaranam (Bride)
13. Kaasi Yatirai (Bridegroom)
14. Exchange of Garlands
15. Oonjal Function
16. Kanyadaanam
17. Muhurtham
18. Saptapadi
19. Poriyiduthal
20. Paladhanam
21. Aasirvadham
22. Sambhandi Mariyadai
23. Grihapravesam
24. Reception
25. Night Function
26. Kattusadam
27. Sambandi Virundu


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Here we are giving a wedding guide to plan a perfect wedding. This ceremony marked by joyous celebration needs a lot of planning to make it a perfect occasion.

• Set date for wedding

• Plan wedding budget (Since the money matters the most, prepare a rough estimate of all likely expenses way before, and stick to the plan while spending. The estimate of your spending should rather be less than the actual sum you have in hand. This will be of great help in accommodating the unexpected expenses.)

• Prepare guest List (Prepare a list of the guests to be invited as early as possible. If you shelve this task for later, some of the names may slip your mind and you'll always feel sheepish while facing them.)

• Choose venue for wedding and make reservations.

• Appoint Priest/ Purohit /clergy member for performing ceremonial rites.

• Choose caterer and select the menu for the wedding ceremony.

• Design and select invitation cards

• Select photographer and videographer and discuss plans

• Select tent house/decorator

• Select band/musicians

• Select wedding dress/trousseau dresses for the bride /groom and place order (The prime area of attention for the bride is her trousseau. It has to be compiled tastefully with utmost care)

• Make transportation reservations for guests.

• Arrange facilities like water, generators, lighting, seatings for wedding ceremony/reception

• Apply for marriage license

• Order wedding reception cake

• Make beauty parlor appointments.

• Make bookings for mehandi.

• Select the type of music needed for reception/cocktails

• Order mithai and related items.

• Confirm arrangements for hired crockery, cutlery, glassware or table linen.

• Book wedding cars.

Listed here are a number of things to do once the marriage has been finalized. Some need to be taken care of immediately while other tasks can wait till the wedding date draws closer. In either case, having a list of things to do makes it easier to ascertain that nothing is left out or forgotten. Saves a lot of last minute hassles!

Read from wedding planner's site


Most people are aware that significant wedding anniversaries such as 25th and 40th are linked to precious stones, in these cases silver and ruby. However, it is less well known that all anniversaries up to and including the 15th, and then every 5th anniversary, have their own particular symbol. The list below shows the symbol traditionally associated with each anniversary.


1st - Paper
2nd - Cotton
3rd - Leather
4th - Books
5th - Wood
6th - Sugar, candy
7th - Wool, cooper
8th - Bronze, pottery
9th - Pottery, willow
10th - Tin, aluminum
11th - Steel
12th - Silk, linen
13th - Lace
14th - Ivory
15th - Crystal
20th - China
25th - Silver
30th - Pearl
35th - Coral
40th - Ruby
45th - Sapphire
50th - Gold
60th - Diamond
75th - Diamond

The Silver (25th) and Golden (50th) Anniversaries appear to be the most traditional. In Central Europe going back hundreds of years a man would present his wife with a silver or golden garland to mark the occasion of their anniversary.
The other materials have been added to the list more recently, and there is now a more modern list which incorporates the missing years 16-19. Amazingly, a ten carat diamond has been added for a 100th Wedding Anniversary! How many couples will get that far?

Read from a matrimonial site.

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The Reality of Arranged Marriages

Arranged marriages have been a topic of interest for centuries. Authors across the ages have explored this theme at length, and it still surfaces in literary works today. What's the appeal? Is it the fascination with the lack of lust and desire we cultivate in North American society? We strive on the element of danger, of the forbidden, while an arranged marriage is usually a safe way to ensure a family's approval of a union.

And yet, many of todays romance novels deal with marriages of convenience. We've all read them: the heroine marries the hero because she needs him, whether for financial reasons, or because her children need a father -- there are as many reasons to marry as there are novels dealing with this subject. Yet although the marriage isn't initially based on love, there's always that sensual tension simmering beneath the surface, and as readers, we know it's inevitable that the two are going to fall deeply and irrevocably in love.

But what about real life, where things don't always work out so well? Arranged marriages are commonplace in a number of countries, such as Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan, Japan and India. They're more common than you'd think even in North America, where cultural diversity is cherished and encouraged.

Young people in countries where arranged marriages are common place are told from an early age that their spouse will be chosen for them. To deny an arranged marriage is seen as a sign of disrespect toward the family. But how are suitable spouses chosen? In Japan, for instance, "when a woman reaches the marriageable age of 25, she and her parents compile a packet of information about her, including a photograph of her in a kimono and descriptions of her family background, education, hobbies, accomplishments and interests. Her parents then inquire among their friends and acquaintances to see if anyone knows a man who would be a suitable husband for her" (the Asia Society's Video Letter from Japan: My Family, 1988). Usually, the most important aspect of choosing a suitable spouse is the bond between the two families, rather than the relationship between the couple being married. Property or land with the aim of securing social status sometimes seals marriage agreements.
Do arranged marriages work? Opinions tend to differ. Statistics place the divorce rate for arranged marriages much lower than those in the United States, where marriages out of love are the rule. However, research also shows that the pressure a married couple encounters from both society as a whole, and from the respective families, suggests that divorce is often not an option.

Can love grow out of an arranged marriage? Absolutely, and in the same way that love can grow in romance novels from a marriage of convenience. But there's more to love than finding a suitable match. Love can grow for many reasons, from lust at first sight to friendship that develops over a long period of time. It's impossible to predict whether a union will be successful. The only two people who can make it work are the bride and groom, the hero and heroine of their own story.

Read from a matrimony site and a guide to teenagers.


Extreme Age Differences In Marriage Can Lead To Infidelity

"Extreme age differences between husband and wife may lead to infidelity" says author and infidelity expert, Ruth Houston, who was recently quoted in an article in First magazine. Houston's comments were included in the sidebar of an article in the May issue of First entitled "The Surprising Way Women Are Turning Back the Clock," which discusses the pros and cons of marriages and relationships in which the woman is considerably older or younger than the man.

Disparity in Sex Drives

"The biggest danger" is that in marriages where there is an age difference of 15 to 20 years or more, at some point, there is likely to be a disparity in the sex drives of the two people involved. This disparity could be a contributing factor to infidelity if it drives one party to seek sexual fulfillment outside the primary relationship."

Unable to Relate Due to Generation Gap

Houston points out that lifestyle differences, differences in moral values, even differences in seemingly minor things such as tastes in music, reading, or entertainment may eventually cause the couple to be unable to relate to each other because of a "generation gap." If one party begins to seek out members of his or her peer group because they have more things in common with each other, it can lead to problems -- especially if that person is a member of the opposite sex.

A Higher Risk of Infidelity

While conceding some marriages and relationships between older women and younger men do succeed, Houston states that they start out with a strike against them. She warns, "A woman should think long and hard before entering into a relationship with a man who is considerably younger than herself. The greater the age difference, the greater the risk of infidelity."

Read from a matrimony site and very useful for all.

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The most important and significant parts of the marriage ceremony are the Pani Grahanam and Sapthapathi


Pani Grahanam means that ‘bride and groom’ can/must touch and hold each other’s hand only and nobody else’s – at least on the wedding day however modern you are.


Sapthapathi means Seven Sacred steps taken around the sacred Agni in the Homa Kundam. These seven steps and Veda mantras that are recited by the groom after the Sapthapathi, explain in lucid terms, the very essence and the basic purpose of a marriage.

The hands so joined during Pani Grahanam and Sapthapathi are to be held together forever for some decades at least.


Under Hindu Predictive Systems Compatibility is generally seen especially for marriage. Between Husband and Wife if there is great compatibility it is considered harmonious to lead a peaceful and happy life.

In most Hindu families, every individual has his or her horoscopes, janam patrika or kundali prepared. Since it is a very difficult task to get the accurate knowledge of the person's nature etc. before a marriage (or a long-term relationship), the proven since of Astrology can definitely help the two lives a great deal. A birth chart (also known as janma kundali, janam kundali, Vedic horoscope) captures the precise astronomical positions of stars and planets at the individual's birth moment.
Astrological compatibility consideration is not only a mere ancestral practice but is a way to get the knowledge regarding the nature, features, love and the social communication features of the people. Horoscope are usually made by pandits or astrologers or numerologists on the basis of the time and the date of a persons birth because, as per the Hindu belief, nothing in this universe happens accidentally or before its scheduled time.

The planetary Influence

According to the Hindu System of astrology, all predictions are based on the positions of the celestial bodies in the houses of the individual's horoscope. Such positions are governed by Saturn, Jupiter, Mars, Venus, Mercury, Sun, Moon, Uranus and Neptune, a planetary hour begins at the stated time and operates until the next one begins. A moment is considered to be four minutes, i.e., the time taken by the Sun to cross one degree of terrestrial longitude.

Attributes of Planets and Other Celestial Bodies

Saturn: Powerful, malefic, typifying crystallisation of thought, cold contemplation and Philosophic outlook.
Jupiter- Beneficent, uplifting, warm, expansive, hopeful and optimistic
Mars: Less malefic, forceful, Zealous, energetic, intense and heated up.
Sun: The giver of life, energy, vitality and authority.
Venus: Less beneficent than Jupiter harmonious, pure spiritual and blissful
Mercury: The winged messenger of god, neutral preceptor of mind, intellect, perception and expression.
Moon: Variability, emotionalism, reproduction and sensation.
Uranus: Abrupt transformations' extraordinary, revolutionary and out of the ordinary.
Neptune: Mysticism, hallucinations, fears, spiritual ecstasy.

Horoscope matching for marriages

A lot of marriages in Hindu Culture consider horoscope matching as the first step. The horoscopes are matched on the basis of health, wealth, longevity, well being of children etc. In Vedic Astrology, marital life is affected by the following parameters:


Moon moves around the Earth in little over 27 days. The whole path of the moon is divided into 27 parts, each of which is represented by a constellation. These constellations are known as Nakshatras and the moon "resides" in each nakshatra for approximately a day. As these nakshatras are associated with the moon, they are usually a better indicator of a person's emotional capacity.
Ashvini 2. Bharani 3. Krittika 4. Rohini 5. Mrugashira 6. Ardra 7. Punarvasu 8. Pushya 9. Ashlesha 10. Magha 11. Purva Phalguni 12. Uttara Phalguni 13. Hasta 14. Chitta,15 Swati, 16 Vishaka, 17Anuradha 18. Jyeshta 19. Moola 20. Poorva Ashada21. Uttara Ashada 22. Shravana 23. Dhanishta 24. Shatabhisha25. Poorva Bhadra 26. Uttara Bhadra 27. Revati

The factors which are important for compatibility analysis are derived from these 27 nakshatras. Based on the position of the moon in a nakshatra, the following factors are assigned to a chart.

Kuta Point System:

Apart from the parameters mentioned above, the compatibility is judged by points, known as kuta. These points are calculated by taking into account the position of Moon in both the charts. Moon in a person's chart represents the emotional aspect, his/her personality and capacity to care about other people. These points are added up to a maximum of 36 points. If the sum of the compatibility points is less than 18, marriage is not advisable. These points can also be calculated from the nakshatras of the bride and the groom directly.
Mahendra Kuta:

The Nakshatra of the man should be 4, 7, 10, 13, 16, 19, 22 or 25 Nakshatras away from the Nakshatra of the woman. A good Mahendra Kuta should promote the longevity of the relationship. This factor is mentioned in a Kuta analysis, but no points are given by this factor.

Stree Dirgha:

The Nakshatra of the man should preferably be more than 9 constellations away from the Nakshatra of the woman. This factor is mentioned in a Kuta analysis, but no points are given by this factor.

Rashi Kuta:

This factor is different from the factors, because this deals with the signs in which the Moons are located (and not the Nakshatras). The moon sign of the man is in 2, 3, 5, 6 away from the moon sign of the woman cause bad results others come good results. Rashi Kuta indicates growth of family, family welfare and economic conditions of the partner.

Dinam Kuta
If the Nakshatra of the man is 0, 2, 4, 6 or 8 Nakshatras from the Nakshatra of the woman it comes good results. If the number is 9 or more it is divided by 9 and we work with the remainder. It indicates the health and well being of the couple.
Yoni Kuta

This has to do with sexual compatibility, mutual love and sex inclinations.. Out of 27 nakshatras 14 numbers are consider as Male yonis and 13 numbers are considered as Female yonis. Male Yonis Male nakshatras are: Ashwini, Bharani, Pushya, Ashlesha, Magha, Uttara Phalguni, Swati, Jyeshta, Mula, Purvashadha, Uttarashadha, Shravana and Purva Bhadrapada and others female yonis.
Every Nakshatra has the characteristics of an animal indicative of sexual joy, mutual attraction and love. Example: Vishakha and Chitra are associated with a tiger yoni. That means these Nakshatras are rather wild in making love. There is also a division in male and female yonis. Vishakha has a male tiger yoni and Chitra a female tiger yoni. It is best if both partners are born in Nakshatras, which symbolize the same yoni type, but of different sexes. Therefore, someone with the Moon in Vishakha would be a great sexual match for someone with the Moon in Chitra. If a couple has friendly yonis of the female sex marriage will be acceptable. It will be difficult if the two people both have male yonis.

Vedha Kuta

Some Nakshatras are said to afflict each other. A marriage between people who have their Moons in Nakshatras, which afflict each other, should not take place. This is a list of the prohibited pairs:

Ashwini (1) and Jyeshta (18); Bharani (2) and Anuradha (17); Krittika (3) and Vishakha (16); Rohini (4) and Swati (15); Mrigashira (5) and Dhanistha (23); Ardra (6) and Shravana (22); Punarvasu (7) and Uttara Ashadha (21); Pushya (8) and Purva Ashadha (20); Ashlesha (9) and Mula (19); Magha (10) and Revati (27); Purva Phalguni (11) and Uttara Bhadrapada (26); Uttara Phalguni (12) and Purva Bhadrapada (25); Hasta (13) and Shatabhishak (24).

Vashya Kuta

Vashya Kuta, indicates the intensity of mutual attraction and affection between the partners. Vasyu Kuta magnetism makes understanding of each other easier. If the Moon of the female feels magnetism towards the Moon of the male one point is given. If the Moon of the male feels magnetism towards the Moon of the female, also one point is given. Therefore, the maximum amount of points to be gained from this factor is two, if magnetism exists from both sides. Given below given the matching list of each rashi.
Aries - Leo, Scorpio
Taurus - Cancer, Libra
Gemini - Virgo
Cancer - Scorpio, Sagittarius
Leo - Libra
Virgo - Gemini , Pisces
Libra - Virgo, Capricorn
Scorpio - Cancer
Sagittarius - Pisces
Capricorn - Aries, Aquarius
Aquarius - Aries
Pisces - Capricorn
Gana Kuta

Nakshatras classifieds as groups deva, human (manusha) and demon (rakshaka).
Deva (godly) nakshatras are Ashwini, Mrigashirsha, Punarvasu, Pushya, Hasta, Swati, Anuradha, Revati.

Human nakshatras are Bharani, Rohini, Ardra, Shravana and all the Purva and Uttara Nakshatras.

Rakshasa (demon) nakshatras are Krittika, Ashlesha, Magha, Chitra, Vishakha, Jyestha, Mula, Dhanistha, Shatabhishak.

People who have their Moons in Nakshatras that fall in the same category can marry. A deva man can marry a deva or manusha woman. He cannot marry a rakshaka woman. A manusha man can marry a deva woman or a manusha woman. He should not marry a rakshaka woman. A rakshaka man should not marry a deva woman or a manusha woman . He can marry a rakshaka woman. When the lords of the signs in the rashi or navamsa of the man and woman are the same bad Gana Kuta results can be compensated (however this does not change the points that are being given). Gana Kuta indicates the nature of the native and gives compatibility of temperament and mutual daily behaviors.

Graha Maitri

It is an indicator of friendship between the rashi lords of the Moonsigns of the couple. The two rashi lords can be friends, enemies or neutral to each other. When both are neutral, Graha Maitram is mediocre.


It is an indicator of longevity of the marriage, and is also based on the relative position of the two Nakshatras. The Janma Nakshatras of the couple should not fall in the same Rajju. If they fall in Sira (head) husband's death is likely; if in Kantha (neck) the wife may die; if in Udara (stomach) the children may die; if in Kati (waist) poverty may ensue; and if in Pada (foot) the couple may be always wandering. Hence, it is desirable that the boy and the girl have constellations belonging to different rajjus or groups for safety in household life.
Padarajju: Ashwini (1), Ashlesha (9), Magha (10), Jyeshta (18), Mula (19), Revati (27).

Katirajju: Bharani (2), Pushya (8), Purva Phalguni (11), Anuradha (17), Purva Ashadha (20), Uttara Bhadrapada (26).

Nabhi: Krittika (3), Punarvasu (7), Uttara Phalguni (12), Vishakha (16), Uttara Ashadha (21), Purva Bhadrapada (25).

Kantarajju: Rohini (4), Ardra (6), Hasta (13), Swati (15), Shravana (22), Shatabhishak (24).

Sirorajju: Mrigashira (5), Chitra (14), Dhanistha (23).


Which compares the castes of the Moon rashis (not Nakshatras): Brahmin, Kshatriya, Vaishya, Shudra. It is said to be an indicator of the spiritual development of the couple. This is a factor, which is supposed to be an indication of the spiritual development of the partners.

These are the categories:

Brahmin (priests): Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces.

Kshatriya (politics and war): Leo, Sagittarius, Libra.

Vaisya (business): Aries, Gemini, Aquarius.

Sudra (manual labour and service): Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn.


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Part II

In the last article, we concluded by saying that keeping your business and personal relationships separate is very important to the survival of both your business and your marriage. In this article we will talk about how to achieve this goal.

One of the most important ways to accomplish this is to set up distinct business hours, and when they are over, don't discuss business, concentrate on your relationship. It is difficult, but make a concentrated effort at it. Confine your business discussions to business hours or set aside a specific time to discuss the business.

For example, take the last half hour of the day, and discuss the business day; any suggestions you have, what was accomplished, what needs to be done tomorrow, during the week, how are the monthly goals you set at the beginning of the month progressing. Remember to couch any criticisms or suggestions in a positive vein. Think of how you felt in the work situation and how supervisors dealt with you when making suggestions. Negatives only cause resentment. They do in the corporate arena, and even more so, when dealing with a spouse you must live with 24 hours a day. Be sure to set aside time for each other-go for walks, out to dinner, or just for a drive with your spouse. Do not discuss business.

You should have outside activities that are not business related. If not, join a group that interests you. It will allow you to meet with others who are not connected to your business. Running a home-based business can be very lonely; getting away from the home, and having outside interests is imperative.
In addition to the problems inherent to couples running a business, starting a home-based business presents its own set of problems and questions. Before you start be sure to ask yourself the following:

1. Are you self-motivated? Organized? Able to prioritize your work? You will no longer have a supervisor or a boss to tell you what to do. You will be the decision maker. You will have to motivate yourself. One way to accomplish this is to use a To Do List and stick to it. In addition, set definitive business hours, and stick to them.
2. Will you be able to deal with the isolation? You will no longer meet people in the halls, congregate around the coffee pot, or take a break to talk with your co-workers. To combat the loneliness and isolation be sure to join groups that meet outside the home, or schedule luncheons with friends and associates.

3. Write up a business plan. Be sure the business is something that interests you. You might want to start on a part-time basis, and grow from there. Research the business carefully, make sure there is a market, and the competition is not overwhelming.

4. Be sure you have at least six months living expenses set aside. This will give you the time to work through the marketing strategy outlined in your business plan, and avoid bad marketing practices. In addition, if changes need to be made, you can do so, without monetary concerns becoming an issue.

5. Be sure your office space is located in a separate room or area of your home that offers the least distractions. A separate office is best, especially if you are meeting with clients. Remember to always present a professional appearance.

6. When will you do your regular household chores? Make up a schedule of when you will deal with them. Some individuals find getting chores done before the start of the work day is best. At the end of the day, close your office door and then deal with the remaining household items that need to be handled. Time management will be a very important factor in running a home-based business.

7. For husband and wife teams, it becomes imperative to have some form of disability insurance for each other. Remember, even though your partner may be your husband or wife, he or she is still your business partner. An accident or illness to one of you can severely impact the operation of the business.

A business is only as good as you and your partner make it. It takes a lot of dedication, time and energy to run a business, whether it is home-based or not. It can be a very rewarding experience. Think carefully, and ask yourself a lot of self-searching questions before you begin.

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Part I

With today's economy, and the layoffs occurring as a result of these economic conditions, more and more people are opting to start their own business. Due to the low start up costs, the prevalence of home-based businesses is on the rise, many of these started by husband and wife teams.

With the move from the corporate world to the home-based, couples are finding that a new set of problems are occurring. In the corporate arena, two major areas of importance are profits and communication with employees. This is done through evaluations, reviews, meetings, or a company newsletter outlining company policies and news. All administrators realize that a happy and informed employee is more efficient and productive; in effect, increasing their profits.

Research on martial separation and divorce indicates two of the main causes of separation and divorce are communication and money, very much like corporate concerns. In the past, spouses worked in their respective jobs, and came home to discuss what was going on in the work place. In effect, they were sounding boards for one another. With the move to the home front, especially with starting up businesses together, the sounding boards are gone.

In effect, placing couples in a start-up business can cause a myriad of problems, previously seen only in the corporate world, in addition to the normal stumbling blocks of starting up a business. Too many couples working together are not practicing good communication skills. Lack of communication, can cause one spouse to feel that he or she is carrying all the business and monetary responsibility.

Keep Your Marriage Solid,If you and your spouse have decided to run a business together, be sure to discuss and outline the following:

Delineate responsibility. Decide who is going to handle what business matters. In addition, be sure you both know how to accomplish these functions. Unfortunately, illness occurs - you need to be able to back up each other in all aspects of the business. For example, if one of you does all the bank statements, be sure your spouse understands how this is accomplished, so if necessary, they can also handle this responsibility. If you have a set procedure you follow and a way you want it done, make up an outline, so it is accomplished in the manner you want.
Marketing, return calls, daily correspondence, invoicing, weekly and/or monthly expenses, supplies, calendaring, appointments, deposits, bank statements, implementation of the business plan, attendance at meetings (e.g. Chamber mixers, National groups, User groups, etc.) all need to be taken care of. You will have to split these responsibilities between you. Again, be sure you know how each is implemented, so in an emergency, you can back each other up.
Delineate responsibilities according to likes and dislikes and who will do the best job. We all have our little niches, and if it is something we like and do well, we can accomplish it better and more efficiently. Once the responsibilities have been delineated, make up a schedule for each item you both need to deal with. Again, you must be able to act as each others back up.

Marketing is a major obstacle. Most individuals do not like to use cold calling as a medium to promote their business. Be sure both of you are involved. Do not let one person handle this. In addition, develop a marketing strategy. Will you market daily, weekly, monthly? What kind of marketing will you do-advertising, cold calls, direct mail, etc. Again, be sure you both are involved. This is important because money and marketing are tied together. The more you market, the more aware the marketplace will be of the services you offer. If only one individual is marketing and monies are fluctuating, there is more tension between the partners to make the business successful. No one individual should have to carry this on their shoulders, or perceive that they do. In addition, with both spouses marketing, one person cannot blame the other for the success or failure of the business.

The Most Important Tool, Remember, the most important tool you both have is communication. Don't expect your spouse to read your mind. Keep the marriage and business separate. It's difficult, especially if you are home-based, but it can be done. If you have a problem with the way your spouse is accomplishing a task in the business environment, discuss it immediately. Do not wait. Do not let this build into anger that is transferred to your personal relationship. Remember that keeping your business and personal relationships separate is very important to the survival of both your business and your marriage.

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Would you like to have a stronger, healthier, more enjoyable marriage? I am sure that you would. And yet we live in a culture where about half of all marriages will shatter and end in a divorce, leaving behind the wreckage of broken adults and broken children.


My belief is that most relationship problems should be given less attention ... how much do you want to stir up the bottom muck? A couple will be happier if they pay much more attention to what is good about their relationship.

A romantic relationship happens because of the hopes and dreams a couple has for a happy life together. The relationship will be pleasant and rewarding as long as you pay attention to what inspires those hopes and dreams.
To keep a marriage romantic, build upon what makes your relationship worthwhile and wonderful

Nothing is perfect --

Don't expect a perfect relationship. That happens only in fairy tales. Problems will occur. You will get hurt. Being too concerned with the problems will stop you from paying enough attention to what is good in the relationship.
If perfection is the goal, you will compare how the relationship is now to what you think it should be. You will be continually disappointed. Making the relationship better should be the goal. Love happens by believing that both of you can continue to build a good relationship.

Your attitude should signal the other person that you will try to patiently work through each other's shortcomings. It won't be easy. Being tolerant and non-condemning is a challenge. But consciously making an effort to be tolerant goes a long way.

Build upon what is good --

Find activities that you both like and do them together. These can be activities such as gardening, cooking, hobbies, conversation, recreation, an interest in art, charity volunteering, and family activities. Having interests that are shared, keeps a couple involved in each other's lives.
Share ideas to find ways to more enjoy living. Tell your sweetheart about strategies you use for such things as achieving goals and enjoying yourself. Tell each other about what you think is interesting, what is worthwhile, and what is encouraging. If you share positive ideas, you will think of each other as pleasant and enjoyable.
Encourage your partner to act and make decisions. Both of you will be able to accomplish more with the other's support and encouragement. When there is a disagreement, be patient. If you need to criticize, offer an attractive alternative rather than a condemnation. Your encouragement likely will produce more good results than will your objections.

The good things in life are much more important than the disappointments. Remind yourselves often of the good in what you are doing. And take some time to do what you enjoy.


THE sunshine had come out to ensure the wedding of footballer Benji and his wife-to-be Sabine had the perfect backdrop.

For the month before the excitement had been growing amongst the players and supporters of St Cernin de l'Herm, a village in the south west of France, as the day came ever closer.

We had already been out for a meal and made the bride and groom walk around the restaurant whilst eating a banana - with no hands.

A large poster of the team picture had been printed and everyone had signed it and written a good luck message.

So by Saturday afternoon the junction of the small crossroads in Frayssinet-le-Gélet was busy with people waiting for Benji and Sabine to walk by.

In France many wedding ceremonies will take place in the village Mairie and then move on to the local church for a blessing.

And we were lucky that the two buildings were close by so that a short procession through the village could take place.

As we waited friends spread out cuttings from roses and other bushes across the pavement on the route the bride and groom would take to the church.

This is meant to bring the couple good luck and fortune and in other areas of France neighbours will lay down sheaves of corn.

Then the moment arrived as the couple stood at the top of the steps outside the Mairie and slowly made their way to the church, escorted by their parents.

Traffic came to a standstill as the procession of guests followed behind and walked the 150 meters to the church.

In the afternoon sunshine people slowly made their way into the church filling up the pews and taking up positions in the aisle for the chance to take a picture.

Once everyone was inside, and we must have numbered 200 or more, the bride and groom slowly made their way through the church.

Camera flashes lit up the dark entranceway as the couple made their way along the aisle; the organist played a tune that softly filled the church.

The priest opened the blessing with a short passage from the bible and then Sabine walked up to the microphone to deliver a short speech.

She thanked the many people that had turned up to see the bride and groom and that it had been an incredible day.

Then the priest delivered a short prayer and a musical interlude with saxophone and accordion was played.

The ceremony of the passing of the rings was undertaken with the assistance of the son of Sabine and Benji.

He carried the rings up to the alter of the church in a small, padded heart shaped bag and passed them to the priest.

The couple spoke a few words and placed the rings on each other's fingers as the cameras again flashed a whirred.

Everyone then began to make their way out of the church waiting for the bride and groom to stand outside the church for some more photographs.

But the players of St Cernin had one more trick up their shirts as we donned our kit and picked up a football each.

We made a guard of honour outside the church and held a ball high over the guests as they made their way out into the village square.

But it was Benji and Sabine who everyone was waiting for.

People passed around rice and confetti waiting for them to leave the church and run under the footballs, as they did the place exploded.

The church bell tolled and rice cascaded down on our heads covering the players and the newly married couple from head to toe.

Then it was time for more photographs, car horns sounding and the children throwing rice and confetti at each other.

As the day drifted into late afternoon it was time for a small aperitif and a few nibbles in the grounds of the Mairie.

Watching the sun slowly slide behind the church tower as the celebrations moved on into the night.


RMKv 28144445
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Narayana Peals Gems & Jewels 24322644
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The photographers and videographers are the memory makers of the weddings and other parties. They are offering the following services to their customers.

Digital Video
Video Coverage
Mixing with 3 D cameras
Still Photography
Shooting by experienced personnel
VCD and DVD conversion
Photography- Indoor and outdoor
Designing Works
Lamination Framing.


The courtship and wedding are the most memorable occasions in the life of many a married couple and with celebrities too. There no difference in it.

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Indians searching for their prospective soul mates are hooked to the matrimonial websites. The idea of finding a partner in the privacy of your home at the click of a mouse button is so COOL!

We would like to introduce Cool - Indian Online Matrimonial Website ( that offers all the features that the other major websites have but at almost negligible cost and right now for limited time 2-months Membership are offered for FREE! Site offers all the unique search features and several add-on features. Along with this we also offer is all the astrological services via our unique Astrology website -! (

Now let me introduce you to the Founder and CEO of Cool and, of-course you can know About him and his Company by visiting each of these sites but in few words we would like to mention that he believes every Indian should have a chance at finding their perfect match through latest smart online technology and something that is affordable and right now for limited time comes to you for FREE.

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As per the request, i am introducing the website.


In a traditional south Indian marriage, after marriage the couple do 3 pradakshinams (rounds) of the wedding pandal (which is decorated with mango leaves, flowers etc). The things kept in the pandal are said to be divine images according to Indian culture. The 4 legs of the pandal are 4 Vedas. The marriage is celebrated in the presence of Lord Vinayaka and Agni (holy fire). In Bhagawad Gita, Lord Krishna is telling that He is Arasa Maram (tree), considered to be the holy tree compared to all other trees. The wooden pieces of Arasa Maram (holy tree) is used for putting marriage pandal i.e. known as the legs of the pandal (Pandakkal). The nine grains kept in the pandal are referred to ‘Kubera’, the owner of the entire wealth. The groom’s friend, the bride’s friend and purohits are referred to three of the “Ashtadigbalagargal’(8 divine saints). So, in a south Indian marriage, if the couple made 3 pradakshinams of the marriage pandal, it seems that the couple will get all the benefits of worshiping God, ‘Kuthuvilakku’ (the traditional lamp), Agni (holy fire), Nature and ‘Arasa Maram’ (the holy tree).

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Putting together a trousseau can be a daunting task. What are the essentials? What all is required? How do you go about it? Designer Erum Ali advises brides-to-be on the fundamentals of trousseau shopping.


“First things first”. You need to decide the number of outfits required for the entire wedding. Surprisingly, in a budget of Rs.50, 000 – Rs. 75,000, you can
fit in a dream wedding outfit, an elegant evening dress for the sangeet (music night) or mehendi ceremony and a cocktail dress as well. Keep aside the D-Day and the reception outfits for fairytale look. NO COMPROMISES on this one-keep the maximum budget for the two big days; you can go easy on the mehendi, sangeet, cocktails to fit every thing in a super cool budget.

A beautiful salwaar kameez or an indo-western outfit for the mehendi ceremony or sangeet will cost anywhere between Rs. 10, 000/- - Rs. 15, 000/-. This sum can buy a fancy outfit, which will be perfect for a combination of the two functions. For a simple mehendi ceremony, you can go for a simpler outfit that will cost less, say around Rs. 5, 000/- to Rs. 7, 000/-

An evening gown will be perfect for the cocktail party you plan to throw for your family and friends. A stunning gown, either tailored or bought readymade, can be yours for about Rs. 15, 000/-.


Essentials are variable depending on your social requirements. Sarees are a must in a new bride’s wardrobe. One can invest in a few heavy pieces as this is one garment which never ceases to go out of the fashion circuit. Enjoy wearing them for the first few occasions, as it is more likely that you will the feel a voluntary shift towards salwars. The young bride must keep a few salwar kameezes in the range of Rs. 10, 000/- - 12, 000/- for the post function round-ups for dinners and formal wear, a few casual garments in the range of Rs. 5000/- - 8, 000/ for the semi formal occasions, and of course the functional clothes which she will find herself in more often than she would have thought in a range of up to Rs. 3, 000/- which could be smart casual tops, Kurtis, skirts with corsets, floral prints, etc. Matching bags in basic tones will keep you safe and prepared for a double take at any do. It is extremely important to keep in mind shoes which get last listing on the priorities most of the time! The right lingerie along with some interesting nightwear is the ultimate on the checklist.


Buying your trousseau just before your D-day could be hurried and exhausting, and not to mention expensive, because you have to grab whatever you can lay your hands on in a hurry. However, if you start your trousseau haunting a few months before your wedding, chances are you will end up with the best deals to look like a princess.


Dress up comfortably and sportively while at home. In the mad rush for heavy sarees and salwar kameez don’t forget the soft T-shits and track pants that you cannot live without at home. But make sure they match. Hip-hugging pants with brand name running on your hips will surely get your man’s attention! If you want something more casual, go for pyjamas. You can get them in full length and ¾ th. Go for stripes or floral prints. Team then with a cotton camisole, with a lace detailing. If your in-laws are at home, wear a shirt over it.

Packing fancy nightwear is great but not always appropriate to wear when you are at home. After all, it can be embarrassing receiving your elderly uncle at the door in your sexy nightwear!

Monday, July 14, 2008



Lakme Beauty Salon introduces the “pre-Bridal & Bridal Bouquet of Services’ in dress you up on your big day. The Salon has launched a bouquet of bride packages – Bridal Aura, Bridal Golden Glow and Bridal Platinum Glow. The services are now available in Chennai at Adyar, Alwarpet, Annanagar, Kodambakkam, Kilpauk, Shafee Mohammed Road, T.Nagar, Velachery, Valasaravakkam, Selaiyur and Okkiampettai

The Bridal Aura Bouquet caters to every beauty need of the bride. The Bridal Golden Glow Bouquet also offer an entire bouquet of services and all these includes the draping of your sari on your wedding day.


Hammer Plus introduces the Divya Rudra range of crafted divine pendants. It is the fourth to join the series-Divya Vinayak, Divya Dyan and Divya Mantra. It is an intricately crafted collection of 14 divine pendants, crafted in 18 kt gold, find diamond and rudraksh.

The pendants are presented to the customer in a custom-made kit with booklet consisting of in formation related to the various murki rudraksh pendants in detail. It also tells you about the qualities and benefits of wearing a rudraksh. This kit contains a guarantee card to assure you of the genuineness of the piece.


Kay, the Women’s Boutique has launched their much awaited party wear, bridal sarees and lahengas.

The wedding collection in lehengas and sarees are from different parts of India and are in tune with current generation fashions. North Indian concepts are tailor-made to suit every occasion in a wedding, be it mehendi, engagement, lagan or reception. Lehengas in different cuts and one-piece party wear gowns are that are a must in every trousseau are available here. Jodha Akbar and Double Pallu are what’s current in sarees. Kay is a venture of Kings Lifestyle, Triplicane and is at # 3, Gangadheshwaran Koil Street, Purasawalkam. Ph: 26431915.


Maruti in Anna Salai is an exclusive menswear retail outlet dealing in all major international and national brands like Allen Solly, Van Heusen,, Louise Philippe, Blackberry’s as well as fabric brands like Dig jam, Reid and Taylor, Grasim, J-Ham stead, etc. The showroom has an exciting range of readymade suits, shervanis, trousers and ethnic wear. A40% discount on all their product range is being offered for the very first time. Details at: 28297009/7700


Mehendi-designer Manisha has for over 20 years designed bridal mehendi for the happy and auspicious occasion of a wedding. Drawing from her imagination, she has created unique designs with patterns ranging from bridal, traditional, Arabic, two colour mehendi, full-colored mehendi with Kundan, beads, stones, etc. There are also a variety of colors, shaded and Jardosi, Hiramoti and Gharchola mehendi to choose from.

Each design comes out with a unique flavor that typifies Manisha’s mehendi. You can call her on: 26403766/9444035883.


Every modern bride wants to be high on the ‘wow-factor’. Mehta Jewellery offers a glittering array in jadau, diamonds in white gold and highly unusual pieces in gold to suit the bridal occasion. Mehta are a specialist in traditional seven-stone thodus too, that are created with dosham-free diamonds that perfectly matched. At Mehta Jewellery, No. 43, C.P. Ramaswamy Road, Abhiramapuram. Ph: 24662665; and 32, Khader Nawaz Khan Road, Nungambakkam, and Ph: 43084330


Nathella Sampath Jewelry Pvt. Ltd is hosting the Diamond Extravaganza. Dosham-free diamonds in new friendly designs are being offered at a 10% off in diamond value. The firm also offers customers a 100% buy back guarantee. Details with Customer Care at 42831111.


McRennett have introduced a three-tier cake with real plum cake. None of the tiers is a dummy and the entire package weighs six kilograms. Each cake is packed separately for ease of carrying. The three tiers are easy to assemble. The cake can be ordered two days in advance and be picked up at your convenience from any of their retail outlets.

The special three-tiered cake comes in two colors. Classic White and Pink Delight and costs Rs. 2500/- inclusive of taxes. For orders and details call: 64522022..

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Wedding planners in the times gone by were members of the extended family. Today, outsourcing has become the name of the game.

Why mother-in-law used to fondly reminisce about her wedding held at the ancestral home in an ‘agraharam’ in Cuddalore. A pandal was erected along the entire street and all homes in the ‘agraharam’ participated in the planning and execution of the wedding. Those were times when a Bombay Chitappa would handle invitations, an Allahabad Athai would decide the menu and an Athimber would be in charge of stores and provisions and his job would essentially entail running to the market several times to replenish the fast depleting delicacies. Long lost cousins would descend to take over the many responsibilities.

With the advent of nuclear families, the wedding process has shrunk and new concepts like combining the 'nischayadartham' or engagement and the reception lessoned the burden on the parents.

Enter the wedding planners and the scenario undergoes a sea change. As Indians, we have perfected the art of outsourcing and weddings are no exception. Today, weddings have become a multi-pronged celebration with several details like designer invites to unique return gifts and all that parents have to do is loosen the purse strings and sit back and enjoy the festivities.

Four years ago, the CEO of one of the companies for whom we were conducting corporate events asked my sister and me, to takeover the planning of his daughter’s wedding. It was with a little trepidation that we accepted. Two months of meticulous planning and the excitement of constantly challenging our mind to think out of the box and we were ready for D-Day. We had taken over all responsibilities from designing and printing of invites, décor of the venue for each occasion, arranging mehendi and sangeet parties, priests , caterers, nadaswaram, musicians for the reception performance, make up and hair do for the bride, packing of trousseau and gift items and ‘Tamboolam’ bags too. The loads of appreciation we received for our first assignment egged us on and Event Art’s wedding division was born. Today four years and forty weddings later, I must confess that the constant challenge to be innovative and the joyous response from the brides and their families more than compensates for the hard grind.

From choreographing a dance number with a rain items (complete with props like umbrellas and rain coats) to beat the mid-summer heat at Goa for a sangeet, to arranging flair bar tenders and mid-eastern performers for an Arabian Nights pre-wedding theme party at Dublin; from stand up comedians and Rajasthan dol players for a mehendi party in Tamil Nadu’s hinterland Kanur to accompanying Ms. Aruna Sayeeram for a wedding concert held at a twenty five square feet pandal at the palace grounds in Bangalore, if truly has been an exciting journey.

Our wedding planning services are especially beneficial to NRIs who want their children to experience a traditional wedding with all its trappings but with the formality and precision expected of their western up-bringing. We have had occasions where we have exchanged all plans through mails over months and the family lands in Chennai just a week before the wedding. We generally indulge their preferences from oil free murukkus to adopting a baby elephant on the session of their wedding.

Not just weddings even thread ceremonies and Golden wedding anniversaries are all conducted today with aplomb and style. For some wedding anniversaries where children have wanted to surprise their parents, we have produced short films for them about the couple, tracing their life story interspersed with interesting anecdotes narrated by friends and relatives.

There goes a famous Tamil that states “Kalyaanam Panni Paaru” but in today’s parlance with an event planner at hand this is no more than a daunting task.

Read from a daily news paper.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008


With everyone leading busy lives, the planning and orchestrating of a wedding is often outsourced to wedding planners.

Marriages, they say are made in heaven and as wedding planners it is important to orchestrate the events of this special day to perfection. So not only is the day enjoyable but at the same time, every little detail is factored in to make it memorable.

Wedding planners need to put some systems into place. We have learnt through experience that no detail is insignificant and anything is possible. Maintaining checklists is a wonderful way to track the jobs on hand. It helps the planners and it helps the client. A few days prior to the wedding running through a list of arrangements helps ensure that the list is a comprehensive one.

Living in Chennai, one has to keep in mind the race for venues! So we commence with:

• Keeping as many alternative dates as is possible within the fixed time span.
• Figuring out which price range suits best fits the budget.
• Decide the number of functions.
• Confirm the venues for all these functions.

Once this is done, every other detail can be worked out with ease.


The next big step is the design of the invitation. Of course this is unnecessary if the option is a readily available card from the market. Often, specially designed invitations are created according to client’s specific tastes, with color schemes, design elements, fonts and spacing, information to be incorporated and the printing of the card. This is a time consuming process, and it is wise to get it out of the way at the earliest. Simultaneously, it is good to work on the guest lists since it will facilitate the next important step in planning, catering.


• Fixing a good caterer in the case of a wedding held outside of a hotel.
• Deciding the number of guests per function.
• Working out the menus for each function, with a per plate rate.


Working out the number of guests per function.

Planning the banquet and service arrangements.


The first step is to fix the budget for each function.

The decor can be then be based, drawing inspiration from either the invitation itself or based or a colour, period or idea. As planners we make detailed drawings of the sets and props that we will provide in order to create a specific ambiance, price these individual elements (this gives our clients some flexibility in terms of budgeting). Next we decide what flowers to use ad how and where to use them.


Gifts have to be budget specific and categorized according to each function.

For the muhurthams or receptions, most South Indians are happy with a thamboolam bag, filled with the traditional coconuts, manjal and kumkum, etc.

Packaging of gifts and presentations are given during the wedding ceremonies.

Silk, wood and cane trays can be created for fruits and trousseau items that blend with the theme, colour schemes and ambiance of the venues.


Should it be a very ethnic style of decor or a contemporary one? This depends upon the individual’s ideas. Mehendi ladies, a D J and music set up, entertainment, a choreographer to teach the family how to dance and sometimes even an audio visual presentation of memorable moments can be planned.


• Nadaswaram for South Indian Weddings.
• Organizing a baraath with a mobile band.
• Music and Dance concerts for receptions.


Apart from the photography and videography, photos can be organized into stylishly designed coffee table books.


• Valet parking
• Travel and hotel coordination for out of town guests.
• Coordination of jobs for the bridal couple.

Planning the bride’s wardrobe, coordinating with her dressmaker, organizing a trial sessions for her make-up and hairstyles, planning jewelery,accessories, planning the actual coordination with the beautician for each event all these should be put on the itinerary.

Alternatively, helping coordinate the groom’s wardrobe and accessories is also important. In the case of NRIs, as wedding planners we have to help coordinate the wardrobe and accessories of guests.

The onus of responsibility for the entire set of events rests with the wedding planners. There are no margins for error. There are no excuses even if the client has forgotten to mention something important, it is the planner’s job to elicit all possible information.

When the wedding is done, our reward is the sight of the spectacular decorations; the happy faces of the family and a hug from an ecstatic bride who truly believes that we made her every dream come true!!

Taken from a daily news paper.

Monday, July 7, 2008


The courtship and wedding are the most memorable creations in the life of many a married couple and with celebrities too, its no different.

Wednesday, July 2, 2008


A Gujarati wedding is fun-filled and amusing. The rituals try to facilitate a comfortable feeling between the couple and their respective in-laws. The main event is the ‘Hastha Milap’ during which the bride’s sari is knotted with the bridegroom’s scarf and both go around the ‘pheras’ or the holy fire seven times.

The Gujju Touch: Women have prime importance in the Gujarati tradition. The mother-in-law welcomes her son-in-law by playfully pinching his nose.

Read from a daily news paper.


The Bunts’ wedding is relatively simple with fewer rituals. During the olden days, the ‘Gandharva Vivaham’ was in vogue; as soon as garlands were exchanged between the couple, the wedding got over. The contemporary version has accepted few additions. Escorted by her paternal aunt, the bride enters the wedding hall after observing ‘Thulasi Pooja’. Then, settled in a decorated seat, she accepts the “V” shaped wedding ring, ornaments and assorted gifts. Dressed in formal attire with a ‘Petas’ or Turban, the bride’s parents pour water on a new gold coin placed in a plate and give away their daughter.

Bunt Sentiment: Unlike other cultural groups, the Bunts’ brides always belong to their parents’ family even after wedding.

Read from a daily news paper.


Except a few add-ons, events and practices in a Madhwa marriage are similar to those followed in a Tamil wedding. The Madhwas’ wedding ceremony begins with a prayer offered by the parents of the bride and bridegroom to the ‘Pithru’ or the ancestry. ‘Kanganadharanam’ is the event that ceremoniously joins the couple. A long string of thread that is consecrated with holy chanting and smeared with turmeric is wound around the wedding couple in three even tiers. This thread is then cut and tied around the hands of the bride and the bridegroom. After the wedding ceremony is over, it is donated to the younger members in the family.

Madhwa Special: All brides and bridegrooms are considered as Lakshmi and Narayana and there is a traditional wedding song considered auspicious and sung by the Madhwas. The song is a form of prayer offered to increase the lifetime of the couple.

Read from a daily news paper.


The Telugu wedding usually takes place in the evening at the bride’s ancestral home. The bride steps into the matrimonial relationship only after performing ‘Gauri Pooja’. As per their tradition, the wedding costume is not grand. A simple cotton fabric, exclusively dyed using natural colour is used for the ‘Muhurtham’.

Telugu Custom: The bride is termed as ‘Ardhangini’ meaning the better half of the husband. The bridegroom wears a ‘Thalappa’ during Muhurtham.


A typical Brahmin wedding involves many of prescribed practices and stretches for four long days. In orthodox families, during ‘Janavasam’, a majestic male elephant garlands and welcomes the boy. Another extension of this formality is to wash his legs and perform ‘Padha Pooja’ before the Kanyadhan. The wedding day commences with the ‘Kasi Yatra ‘when the boy attired in a saintly garb goes on a pilgrimage. The bride’s father intercepts his tour and requests him to accept the arrangement, handing over a couple of ripe coconuts. The boy takes vows during ‘Sapthapadhi’ taking his wife around the holy fire. Holding her toe, he then guides the bride along seven steps and shows her the blessed star Arundhathi

Brahmin Belief: According to Tamil custom. Every bridegroom is considered regal. ‘Anna’ is the honorific used by the Brahmin wives to address their husbands.

Read from a Daily News Paper.


Traditional Indian weddings always relate to vitality and grandeur. Every thriving ethnic group in India observes a set of time-tested wedding customs and traditions.

The courtship and wedding are the most memorable occasions in the life of many a married couple.

Friday, June 13, 2008


New Delhi: In a first of its kind initiative by country's premier health institution, the All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS) will conduct a 'pre-marriage course for happy married life' for people who are getting married.

The two-day course, scheduled for July 29-30, 2008, is being organised by the Health Promotion and Health Communication Unit of the hospital.

The course is open to any person more than 18 years of age and planning to get married, said Dr Bir Singh, Professor of Community Medicine and Convener of the course.

Singh, who also heads the Sex and Marriage Counselling Clinic at AIIMS, said incidence of marital discord and sexual disharmony, HIV/AIDS and STDs amongst young couples is rising.

Apart from stress in life, ignorance, myths and misconceptions about human body, sex and failure to adjust in marriage are the principle reasons for this, he said.

"This is the motivation for starting such a course. This course aims at helping the youth in preparing themselves physically, socially and emotionally for married life in a better way," Singh said.

A maximum of 30 participants will be registered per batch on 'first come-first served' basis and a nominal registration fee will be charged from them. Participants will also be advised on screening for certain genetic and acquired diseases before getting into nuptial alliance.

Eminent specialists will conduct sessions in this course that will cover information on human and sexual anatomy, contraception, common sexual problems, sexually transmitted diseases, including HIV/ AIDS, screening of genetic diseases and making adjustments in married life.

Saturday, May 31, 2008


Now a day, it is very essential to know in detail about the boy or girl, before marriage, to avoid future controversies in life. For that purpose, we can engage detective agencies and with their help, we would know the full details confidentially.

The agencies are offering the following services to the public at a nominal and reasonable charge. The details given to them are kept confidential.

1. Pre/Post Matrimonial verification.
2. Theft.
3. Teenage Monitoring/surveillance.
4. Asset verification/Trade Mark Infringement.
5. Shadowing-character activities (Men and women)
6. Love affair problems, family /business problems.
7. Counseling/Ladies personal problems.
8. Tracing of missing persons and Debtors/Kidnappers.
9. Evidence for divorce, civil and criminal cases
10. Legal advice.
11. Employment screening.

The agencies are also having international investigation facility.

A list of detective agencies is given for reference.

1. 007 Detectives 9884055044
2. Active Detectives 65380830
3. Bureau of Private Police 65269559
4. Bureau of Indian Detectives & International 24362444
Investigations Fax: 24357666
5. Ceekay Intelligence Detectives P Ltd. 28142508
6. Chennai Bureau of Investigations 24916888
7. Chennai Detective Agency P. Ltd. 24357790
8. Detective Academic Council P Ltd. 26472832
9. Detective International 28521763
10. Eagle’s Eye Detective Agency 24346547
11. Globe Detective Agency. 28460030
12. Golden Edge Detective and Security Agency 28460103
13. Guard well Detective Services P.Ltd 24359295
14. ICE Detective Marketing & Services P Ltd 28263435
15. IIMS Detective P.Ltd. 25990269
16. Inthiyan Secret Detective Council 26472832
17. Madras Enterprises. 42079884
18. Malathy’s Women Detective Bureau 32974662
19. Pandian Security & Detective Bureau 22445196
20. Pappammal Security Service. 24801581
21. Probe Detective Agency 24833772
22. Raj Detective Agency P. Ltd. 28461648
23. Sharp Detectives P. Ltd. 32998007
24. Special Prosecution & Intelligence Bureau 42124984
25. SPIB-Chennai Council of Investigation 9382735175
26. Sree Bava Securities & Detective Bureau 22315067
27. Star Detective Bureau of India 28548910
28. Sun Detective Network I (P) Ltd. 26213939
29. Trident Security Service 26384877
30. U. K. Security & Detective Service 22352904
31. Vee Cee Detective Agency 24419374
32. Vikram Harrie Associates. 42322196
33. Saravana Security Service 28293897

Friday, May 23, 2008


In South Indian marriages, there is traditional practice, to give gifts to the marriage attendants and their close relatives. To satisfy that, a list of gift articles shop is given below.

Bafna Marketing 25293600
D.S. Trading Co 32957111
Ghani’s Paradise 24992994
Ideal Gift Land 25242952
M J M Agencies. 25325888
Madhavan Variety 28151964
MGP Gift House 24311523
Nikhil Enterprises 42605657
Connexions 26260429
Gift Land 28272641
Gifting Solutions 42148118
Genesis 26680901
Hi Craft 25244810
Sha Roopchand Saremal 25387016
Plastometal 25354606
Esvee Bag Industries 25209232
Shresha Enterprises 24336890
St.James 28173770
Asian Trading Co 25215301
Kesar 28117104
Kalpana Marketing Associates 28122136
Metalplast Ad crafts 26640826
Gift-O-Pens India 25388972
Bhimraj@ Co 25382038
Tiptop Plastic Industries 25369057


Adarsh Marriage Caterers 28259191
Balaji Catering Service 55873455
Chef Talwar’s Catering 28212941
Geetha Catering Service. 24980814
Harsha Catering Service 9840428180
Kanaka Ravi 24936751
M.S. Catering 28440765
Packiam Caterers 26163841
Sakthi’s Kitchen 24612500
Shanthi Catering Service 24985814
Vijay Catering Service 24763591

Tuesday, May 20, 2008


A list of beauty parlours is given for ready reference.

Anuksha Unisex Hair & Skin Saloon 42179197
Caloric Beauty Par lour 26205572
Complexion Plus Academy for Beauty 9840882649
Fanette Beauty Academy 9282107622
Maha Beauty Par lour 249550009
Molly Ann Institute of Beauty Therapy 24901458
Salon Aarti 24352809
Sanaa Beauty Par lour 28217242
Tulips Beauty Par lour 28524674
Visible Difference Beauty Clinic 28344079
Angels Enterprises 28552924
Green Trends 22445590
Monica Beauty Clinic 25354526
Cuts and Curls 26453966
Dolly’s Beauty Par lour 24934554
Daffodils 24910818
Eves Beauty Par lour 28275536
Femina Beauty Par lour 26285544
Kanya Beauty Par lour 24981410
Lakme Beauty House 28251936
Men Style 24321503
Ramesh Gents Beauty Par lour 28213004
Ravi’s 28553132
Sarojini Bridal Centre 26416384
V K M Gents Beauty Par lour 26205667
Wang’s Chinese Beauty Par lour 24463101
Naturals Saloon & Beauty 28207612

Sunday, May 18, 2008


Saraswathi Catering Service 9840054900
Vanaja Vasudevan Catering Service 9843036822
Sri Gomathi Shankar Catering Service 9841113559
Sharada Catering Service 9840068088
Venkat Catering Service 9283189593
Mahalakshmi Catering Service 9841013540
Chennai Catering Service 9841152277
Sri Moogambigai Catering Service 9841048414
Ananda Catering Service 09840139130
Mount Marriage Catering Service 9840024400
Ramamani Catering Service 9841287134
Akshaya Food Management 044-28212941
Geetha Catering Service 044-24980814
Sree Visalam Catering Service 044-28447609
Subham Ganesan Catering Service 044-24616007


In India, vivaha mantras (marriage chanting) are very important and meaningful. The mantras are helping the couple to pray for the long life, mutual love and affection, children, wealth, happiness and family’s progress. The couple should repeat the mantras properly, knowing the meanings of the same, with the help of a pundit.


Before marriage, the girls should try to know the way of cooking tastily.
If hot and tasty food is ready in the house, gents will not go out frequently.
So that the couples will lead a normal and happy married life.


Rajeswari Kalyana Mandapam 28283339
S & S Kalyana Mandapam 24953274
Sakthi Kalyana Mandapam 24943384
Santhosh Mahal Kalyana Mandapam 28555364
Shoba Kalyana Mandapam 26216724
Shree Hall Kalyana Mandapam 52128242
Shiva Sakthi Kalyana Mandapam 26213567
Sree Venkateswara Mahal 26251001
Sri Anandavalli Kalyana Mandapam 28264863
Sri Krishnaswamy Kalyana Mandapam 24333654
Sri Kuchalambal Kalyana Mandapam 28365379
V.M.K. Mandapam 24353207
Venkateswara Mahal 24827549
Vijay raja Thirumana Mandapam 24917156
Vijay Shree Mahal 26214546
Vijay Sesh Mahal 24839134

Saturday, May 17, 2008


Kakatheeya Marriage P Ltd 42136666
Kalyana Malai 24341300
Meenakshi Matrimonials 26263913
Mylai Mayuravalli Wed Links 24610357
Naidu’s Matrimonial 9384858686
PA Marriage Matching 24725912
Ravi Marriage Services 9382194235
Shaadi Point 42128881
Sri Satya Sai Matrimonial Exchange Services 22432930
Tamil 65340398
Thirumangalyam 28344179
Vasantham Remarriage Service 28130103 23772904 Universal Marriage Matching 651780

Friday, May 9, 2008


Pundits and prohits can be contacted through the following list to perform a south Indian wedding.

1. Sri S. Narayana Sastrigal 65645729 9283402195
2. Sri S. Manikandan Sastrigal 22531598 9840388087
3. Sri J. Raghavendra Sastrigal 22653500 9841070908

Sunday, May 4, 2008


Thangam Nadar Marriage Matching 26245776
ABC 28151088
Adidravidar Marriage Centre 24347949
All India Vanniakulakshathriya Marriage Bureau 24350289
Al-Anil Matrimonial 65210306
Asian Marriage Bureau 24825408
Ashwini Horoscopes 24996419
Bharat 28524687
Chennai City Malayalee Matrimonial Services 42183906
Chennai Marriage Services 26543788
Chennai Thunai Matrimonials 24716920
Chitrabanu Swayamvara Sangamam 23814900
Chennai Sai Sankara Matrimonials 24716920
Devaa Matrimony 42157400
Engal Bharatham Matrimonial Services 23624733
Garudaa Marriage Sahayi 24313872