Wednesday, February 4, 2009


VIVAHAM is offering A to Z professional services to plan and celebrate a traditional south Indian marriage at Chennai, India.

The services are like marriage halls, catering, travel, accommodation, sangeet for reception, jewelry, wedding dresses, gifts to relatives and friends, mehendi, beauty parlors and other services.

Contact VIVAHAM for any marriage service required. It will be fulfilled with 100% satisfaction.

Suggestive and supportive details to parents and others who are intending to plan a marriage.

VIVAHAM is a perfect match to celebrate the GREAT DAY with Indian culture and to avoid stress or strain.

VIVAHAM will plan the marriage according to individual’s taste and budget and do everything in a professional manner to grace the occasion.

Contact: MEERA SRINIVASAN Phone No. +91-44-24996351/+91-9841001557