Friday, June 13, 2008


New Delhi: In a first of its kind initiative by country's premier health institution, the All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS) will conduct a 'pre-marriage course for happy married life' for people who are getting married.

The two-day course, scheduled for July 29-30, 2008, is being organised by the Health Promotion and Health Communication Unit of the hospital.

The course is open to any person more than 18 years of age and planning to get married, said Dr Bir Singh, Professor of Community Medicine and Convener of the course.

Singh, who also heads the Sex and Marriage Counselling Clinic at AIIMS, said incidence of marital discord and sexual disharmony, HIV/AIDS and STDs amongst young couples is rising.

Apart from stress in life, ignorance, myths and misconceptions about human body, sex and failure to adjust in marriage are the principle reasons for this, he said.

"This is the motivation for starting such a course. This course aims at helping the youth in preparing themselves physically, socially and emotionally for married life in a better way," Singh said.

A maximum of 30 participants will be registered per batch on 'first come-first served' basis and a nominal registration fee will be charged from them. Participants will also be advised on screening for certain genetic and acquired diseases before getting into nuptial alliance.

Eminent specialists will conduct sessions in this course that will cover information on human and sexual anatomy, contraception, common sexual problems, sexually transmitted diseases, including HIV/ AIDS, screening of genetic diseases and making adjustments in married life.