Wednesday, July 2, 2008


Except a few add-ons, events and practices in a Madhwa marriage are similar to those followed in a Tamil wedding. The Madhwas’ wedding ceremony begins with a prayer offered by the parents of the bride and bridegroom to the ‘Pithru’ or the ancestry. ‘Kanganadharanam’ is the event that ceremoniously joins the couple. A long string of thread that is consecrated with holy chanting and smeared with turmeric is wound around the wedding couple in three even tiers. This thread is then cut and tied around the hands of the bride and the bridegroom. After the wedding ceremony is over, it is donated to the younger members in the family.

Madhwa Special: All brides and bridegrooms are considered as Lakshmi and Narayana and there is a traditional wedding song considered auspicious and sung by the Madhwas. The song is a form of prayer offered to increase the lifetime of the couple.

Read from a daily news paper.
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