Wednesday, April 27, 2011



Basically the tents of the Hindu Marriage, its conduct, procedures and styles are explicit laid down in the Vedas. Due to Regional cultural influences, pleasant variations have crept in without altering the fundamentals. The Hindu wedding is a balanced blending of Religious, Moral, Cultural and joy making. It is a memorable event. The Vedic rituals solemnize the marriage while indoctrinating specified duties of the couple through life.

The Hindu Wedding Ceremony has a number of rituals and customs, most of which are often labeled as superstitious or time wasting. It is believed to be nothing but rituals and more rituals. But has asked ourselves what a “Ritual” is?  A ritual begins as a creative rational action to express a sentiment or an idea like the lighting of a lamp to dispel darkness at twilight or the folding of hands into a “Namaste” to greet an elder. As more and more people in succeeding generation repeat the action, it becomes a convention then A RITUAL. A ritual is thus an action on which time has set its seal of approval and Sanctity.

The Rituals of the Hindu Wedding are each Symbolic of beautiful and noble sentiments. Unfortunately today many parents and couples perform them without an awareness of the rich meanings behind them.

A modest attempt has therefore been made to briefly describe the implications of the rituals of a Tamil Brahmin wedding. Mostly these are applicable to any other Hindu sect. For the elders, this information may be superfluous, but it is hoped the younger generation, especially those yet to be married, may find these as general guidelines.

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