Sunday, January 18, 2009


The meanings of 'SAPTAPADI', an important ritual of a south Indian marriage is read from a spiritual magazine and given below for the bright and better future of the newly married couple.

First step: Let us take this first step vowing to keep a pure household; avoiding things injurious to our health.

Second step vowing to develop mental, physical, and spiritual powers.

Third step: Let us take this third step with the aim of increasing our wealth by righteous means.

Fourth step: Let us take this fourth step to acquire knowledge, happiness, and harmony by mutual love and trust.

Fifth step: Let us take this fifth step to pray for virtuous, intelligent, and courageous children.

Sixth step: Let us take this sixth step for longevity.

Seventh step: Let us take this seventh step to vow that we will always remain true companions and life-long partners.

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Vandya said...

By chance happened to check your blog. Wondering if you need designers for decorating the mandaps. I'm working right now but want try my hand as a wedding planner.